Free Drone Risk Management Tools


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Drones are great, but they attract black swans: rare and potentially disastrous events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations. As an investor, I don’t like the fat tail risk that comes with drones. This site is my effort to help others chase the swans away with some free tools.

1) Free Audit Work Program for Drone Operations

Auditing UAV or drone operations can be challenging for audit teams with no prior experience. Auditing compliance with local laws is the easy part, but what about other aspects of drone operations, which are not regulated by law? Laws usually tell you what not to do, but they are not clear about what should be done. Our audit work program is an extensive template that gets you started right away and ensures that you aks the right questions. All audit steps come with background and risk explanations which you will be able to use in your audit report.

2) Internal Control Self-Assessments for Drone Operations

Why perform an audit if it is obvious that the necessary internal controls are not yet in place? Our internal control self-assessment template can help you to quickly design a questionnaire with the right questions to get an overview of the current status.

3) Support in Due Diligence Activities

Mergers and acquisitions in the UAV or drone space have a unique set of topics to look into. Are we asking the right questions is a great question! We might be able to support your effort by participating in your due diligence team and bring our experience to the table.




On this site we call drones drones, because that’s what most people call them. Industry insiders or legal texts often refer to drones as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAV, unmanned aircraft or UA, remotely piloted aircraft or RPA and when they talk about complete systems you will hear unmanned aerial systems or UAS, small aerial systems or sUAS or remotely piloted aircraft system or RPAS. For all practical purposes, these terms are interchangeable and added here primarily to feed the search engines.