DroneMerger is a small platform to distribute free drone risk management related content.

For me, it all started with a financial investment in a drone company. As an angel investor, I soon realized that the drone industry is full of entrepreneurial people with a strong technical background but that it has very few people with any knowledge of how big companies work.

Most finance and audit people I know have little or no understanding of how drones and the drone industry work. That’s not surprising since it is a very young industry.

After I had read all the books I could find about drones and crashed a few myself I decided to go deeper and enrolled in a private pilot program. While in most countries you can become a licensed drone pilot via a multiple choice test, in manned aviation the bar is higher.

I was always fascinated by the safety record of the aviation industry. Taking the 20-minute taxi to Suvarnabhumi airport exposes me to a higher accident risk than the 10-hour flight from Bangkok to Zurich. Why is that? Pilot training explained it and some of that knowledge is applicable to the drone space.

Drones became widespread first as toys and as such had very little in common with ‘real’ planes. Technology has moved very fast though and the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) today bring them close to the domain of manned flight. Manned and unmanned aircraft share the same airspace and will eventually be expected to meet similarly high safety standards.

Pilot training also got me in touch with people of similar interests. Ex-airforce drone pilots for example and other drone pilots who want to fly big drones. I also met a few other guys with a strong finance background and some free time at their hands.

I live in Thailand and I am not looking for employment. In an earlier life I worked in finance, IT, project management and governance roles for two Swiss Fortune500 companies.

If you have an interesting project outside Thailand and you think I might be able to help – contact me. I might be able to work for free if you are a non-profit working on a project I care about.

So, to summarize, DroneMerger is not a company. It’s also not a sell ebooks online and get rich quick scheme. I wanted to have a small platform to distribute content I created for free and hope others find it useful.

Thank you for your visit.

Thomas Natter