2.13. Airfields and landing or cargo pads

Drone operations might depend on access to airfields or other takeoff, landing or loading related assets like landing or cargo pads. Locations used might be company owned or leased.


  1. Operational interruption due to expired contracts or missing permits.
  2. Legal liabilities due to unauthorized use of company owned airfield by unrelated parties, if access to the airfield is not properly restricted.
  3. Unused or damaged assets are not written off.

Audit Steps

  1. Establish the existence of specific areas used for drone operations or drone testing.
  2. Review the adequacy of each location from the perspective of risk to company and impact on outside stakeholders.
  3. Review the adequacy of access controls for each location from a safety perspective.
  4. Review the availability of permits required for the operation of facilities if any.
  5. Review records of all complaints from inside or outside stakeholders for each drone-related facility.
  6. Review fines paid for violations relating to the operation of airfields and landing pads.


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