6.2. Community concerns

Neighbors and the community at large might have various concerns about drone operations. Typical concerns include safety, privacy and aircraft noise.

It is in the interest of the company to avoid conflict. Not everything that meets legal requirements aligns with the general public’s sense of what is right or wrong (e.g. overflight rules). Also, it is not unusual to find seemingly conflicting laws and regulations issued by different authorities.

Avoiding conflict is better and less costly than trying to resolve conflict. Active stakeholder management is required. This also means that the company needs to take complaints from local communities seriously, even when the law appears to be on the company’s side.


  1. Lengthy and costly legal disputes.
  2. Disruption of drone operations.

Audit Steps

  1. Investigate if concerns from the community have been raised and how they were dealt with.
  2. Review the existence or the need for programs to communicate in advance of flight operations.


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