5.4. Documentation of maintenance work

In manned aviation there is a maintenance logbook for every plane and all inspections and maintenance work must be recorded in it. Ensuring that the maintenance logbook is kept updated is the responsibility of the operator of the plane, not the pilot.

For drones the law does not mandate the use of a maintenance logbook and it is up to the company to devise a system to capture and store all relevant data. Over time the captured data should enable the company to improve its maintenance schedule for drones and related equipment.


  1. Maintenance and overhaul schedules are difficult to track and overhauls are not performed when they should be.
  2. Improvement opportunities are not identified because historic data is not available or is not analysed.
  3. Lack of traceability in case of problems due to maintenance work.

Audit Steps

  1. Assess the adequacy of information contained in work orders for aircraft or ground station maintenance.
  2. Assess the adequacy of information available about the release of new or modified aircraft to flight operations.
  3. Review the document storage policy for physical and electronic documents.


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