7.6. Drone fleet suitability

Different mission types might require different types of drones. Technological advancement makes it appear advantageous to select newer and different types than the ones already used. Over time this can lead to a very heterogeneous fleet with significant disadvantage in regards to costs and safety.

There is a tradeoff between suitability for specific missions and complexity and cost caused by having multiple drone types.


  1. Too many drone types increase complexity costs (e.g. spare parts, checklists, maintenance processes, training).
  2. Using the wrong type of drone causes avoidable risks.

Audit Steps

  1. Review the number of drone types used and discuss suitability of drone types with pilots and flightcrew.
  2. Review the suitability of drone sizes used relative to mission objectives in terms of required payload, reach and endurance.
  3. Review the suitability of drone types (fixed wind, rotary, hybrid) relative to mission objectives.


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