2.2. Drone inventory management

Drones are assets which need to be protected like other valuable assets. Since drones are also at risk to be taken for ‘joy rides’ by unauthorized staff, they might require additional protection.

Also, since the average life span of drones is short compared to other vehicles and losses due to crashes are not uncommon, it might be challenging to keep the fixed asset register up-to-date.


  1. Theft and possibly liabilities for damage caused by stolen drones.
  2. Accidents caused by unauthorized staff flying drones without proper training or permissions.
  3. Overstated assets due to delays in writing off damaged or outdated drones and related equipment.

Audit Steps

  1. Catalog all drones acquired by the company over the last x years and review their current operational status.
  2. Review the safety system in place to prevent unauthorized access to drones.
  3. Review who has access to drones outside normal working hours.
  4. Review if pilots have unrestricted access to drones and if this is acceptable given the risk environment.
  5. Reconcile the current inventory of drones with the drones as per the fixed assets register.
  6. Perform a physical asset check of all drones or of a subset thereof.
  7. Review the timeliness of write-off requests.


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