1.1. Drone safety management system

Key components of a well-integrated drone safety management system are:

  1. Risk assessment
  2. Organizational integration and policies
  3. Assurance

Risk assessments are about a defined process to describe the system, identify risks, assess them for likelihood and impact and devise strategies to eliminate or minimize identified risks.

Organizational integration and policies covers the need to define hierarchical levels and the roles and responsibilities of each level. This part addresses the question of who is responsible for what.

Assurance is about how to make sure that things work as planned in regards to compliance with established internal and external rules or laws.

While much of the audit program will be about more detailed points it is important to gain an understanding of the big picture and how detailed observations relate to it. If one or more of the three above key components are weak a real lasting improvement will only be possible if those weaknesses are addressed in a systematic way.

The above is meant to offer some perspective which might be useful to the auditor when starting out on this project as well as when summarizing the results of the audit.