Due Diligence Activities in the Drone Industry

Consolidation in the UAV or drone space has not yet happened. There are still too many small players. Most of them will be swallowed up by a few big companies and in the end, there will not be many more players left than there are in the car industry.

But that’s still some time away and as of today, not many people have gained experience with M&R activities in this space. I am an angel investor in a drone company and have some skin in the game of drones.

This is why you might be interested in reaching out to me and get me or one of my friends with similar background involved with your due diligence project.

If you happen to have a good background in audit and drones or general aviation and you like to work on projects, drop me a line too. Maybe we can cooperate on a future project or go flying together.

I would like to create a template for due diligence activities in the drone industry but haven’t found the time yet. Also, I find it difficult to think of an approach that works well across different business models. Maybe you have an idea.

Get in touch.