3.1. Job descriptions

Job descriptions help to clarify expectations and responsibilities. They also help to clarify the scope of authority and the limitations to authority that come with specific jobs.

Job description gain importance with the size and the complexity of an organization. Especially when maintenance or testing work is performed by other staff than the pilots or when missions can only be authorized by people other than the pilots, job descriptions can help to make this clear.

Flightcrew in this document refers to people supporting the pilot in command during flight operations. This will include persons operating flight controls, visual observers and staff looking after takeoff and landing areas.


  1. Important task do not get done because it is not clear who is responsible.
  2. Decisions are made and approvals are granted mistakenly by people who are not authorized to do so.

Audit Steps

  1. Review the JD of the person in charge of managing drone operations.
  2. Review existing JD’s for drone pilots who act as pilot in command.
  3. Review JD’s for other drone-related functions for inclusion of their drone operation-related responsibilities.


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